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About Us

How It All Began

My love of boxers started with a pet puppy I purchased named Benjamin. He had the epitome of a boxer temperament and was my heart dog. At the age of 4, Benjamin was diagnosed with lymphoma. He underwent chemotherapy but I lost him just before he turned 5. The loss of him at a young age led me to begin my breeding program.

Finding a well bred boxer was no easy task. I wanted to find boxers I could trace back for generations. I wanted to be able to talk to breeders and them know the dogs in my dog's pedigree. The best way to enter that world was to get a boxer to show. And there my love of showing my boxers began. We have traveled and won at our Boxer National Show and also had the honor of being invited to show at Westminster Kennel Club.

I breed boxers for type, temperament and health. Our boxers are health tested, have achieved championships and have temperaments suitable for obedience, agility or therapy work. Placement of our puppies is dependent on the right fit for the puppy and the potential owner.

We are a small kennel, breeding occasionally for our needs. Want to know more about us or our dogs? Send us an e-mail. I would love to talk to you more about my favorite breed!

-Cherish Julian

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